What does Pronto Paralegal do?

Pronto Paraglegal’s app-based product provides attorneys and lawfirms access to qualified paralegal/support staff who will accept a project and get it done on time. It also provides paralegal/support staff with a way to use their knowledge and expertise to earn money as a non-employee worker.

Does Pronto Paralegal provide legal services?


Is Pronto Paralegal a legal referral service?


Attorney/Law Firm

What is the Pronto Prime package?

$1,095 for 20 hours

What is the Pronto Preferred package?

$1,495 for 30 hours

What is the Pronto Premium package?

$1,795 for 40 hours

How long do I have to use my hours when I buy a package?

30 day period

Is there a trial option?

Yes, the a-la-carte option enables you to purchase any amount of individual hours.

What does project mean?

All attorney/law firm needs are called projects such a drafting a motion or notarizing a document

Can I use less than an hour for a project?

No, all projects are based on an hourly amount of time.

Do I pay the paralegal/support staff?

No. That is handled by ProntoParalegal

Is my only option for the person to be remote?

No, you can chose on-site when you set up the project

Can a project be removed once it has been posted?

Yes and you received full credit back for your hours spent

Can a project be removed once a paralegal/support staff has started the project?

Yes. However, you will only receive credit for a prorated amount of hours.

What happens if the paralegal/support staff does not complete the job on time?

You receive the project allocated hours credited back to your account

Can I chose the person I want to complete my project?

Yes, if you choose that option in setting up the project

Can I speak with paralegal/support staff?

Once chosen for the position, yes.

How do I cancel my package?

I think this requires an email to billing@prontogroup – NOT SURE what we decided

If I cancel my package, do I get my money back or a pro-rated amount?

If you have unused hours, you will receive a refund of $35/unused hour. This refund does not apply to a-la-carte purchases.

Paralegal/Support Staff

How do I get jobs?

This app does not provide jobs. It provides the opportunity to work on individual projects that the attorney/law firm needs completed. Such as drafting a motion or notarizing documents

Where do I work?

All projects indicate if the work can be done remote or on-site. You then decide what works best for you.

Who pays me?

ProntoParalegal pays you

Why do you require my social security number?

You are issued a 1099 for the income you receive from ProntoParalegal.

Is there anyway I would not be paid?

The project deadline is missed

How many projects can have I have at a time?

As many as you want as long as you have enough time in your schedule to complete them all by the deadline established

Am I an employee of Pronto Paralegal?

No, you are an independent contractor and will receive a 1099 at the end of the year

If I apply for a project, do I automatically get it?

That is the up to the attorney/law firm as they can choose to review all applicants

Can I speak with the attorney/law firm?

Once chosen for the position, yes